Organization effectiveness

In the most cases the overall effectiveness of business depends greatly on effectiveness of human resources. What does human resources management in your company look like? Is it a black hole for your budget? Or is it a brightest competitive advantage?

QRS “Organization Effectiveness” set of services aimed to offer the best practices of talent management.

Satisfaction and engagement surveys

Personnel management is a huge expense category for each business. That’s why it is a matter of great importance to understand the spheres of stimulation that could give the biggest return on investment. Each company has it`s own weak points. Compensation? Leadership? Transparency and decision making? Growth opportunities? The true business leader is obliged to know such weak points within the organization.

The effect of focusing on them could be enourmous.

QRS consultants conduct the anonymous web-based satisfaction and engagement surveys. They provide the detailed results, analytics and recommendations for further development.

Competency and KPI modeling

Competency model describes the set of defined behaviors that the employee has to possess to do a job properly. Competency model remains the only way to transform the global strategy, mission and corporate culture into the specific activities of employees.

Key performance indicators (KPI) is an important instrument to transform the company`s strategy and objectives into a strict, measurable goals for each employee.
QRS consultants perform the corporate competency and KPI modeling as well as the position-based competency and KPI profiling.

Human resources management audit

This service is worked out in close cooperation with Human Resources Directors of few leading companies. Audit gives an opportunity to make the complex evaluation of human resources management system and define the ways of development.
QRS “Organization Effectiveness”  services allow to create and maintain the complex, well balanced and effective human capital management system.